Where Should I Place My Reed Diffuser?

Where Should I Place My Reed Diffuser?

If you’ve just purchased an Olivia’s Haven reed diffuser or received one as a gift, you’re probably wondering where the perfect place to put it would be. You might think that anywhere will do but truth be told, some places are better than others. Here’s our guide on where to put your reed diffuser:


  • Bathroom: Bathrooms are a perfect place to put a reed diffuser. Pop them on your vanity or windowsill to enjoy each time you walk by. You could choose a lovely fresh smell for your bathroom like Eighter Island or Tea in the Orangery if you prefer a more citrus scent.

  • Bedroom: There are so many different places you could put a reed diffuser in bedrooms, from a nightstand to a dresser. However, we recommend placing the diffuser on the nightstand so that the scent can relax you as you unwind at the end of a long day. We recommend a spa-like scent like Wild Heather so you can indulge in its relaxing notes.

  • Kitchen: The kitchen area is a wonderful place to put a reed diffuser. Rest your diffuser on an island countertop or breakfast bar to enjoy. If you’d like to use the diffuser to get rid of harsh smells, simply flip your reeds et voila, so long harsh smells! Floral scents like To April will help to mask these smells.

  • Living Room or Hall: Your living room or hallway is the perfect place for a diffuser as there will be plenty of chances for you and your guests to enjoy it while they walk past or sit comfortably. Place a refreshing scent like Tea in the Orangery on a hall console or on a coffee table in your living room to revel in its tangy citrus notes.

How long do reed diffusers last? 

Olivia’s Haven reed diffusers include 100ml fragrance, which should get you 6-8 weeks of continuous use with proper care. Choosing the right place to put a reed diffuser around your home will help you to preserve the scent and make it last as long as possible. This way, you can pop your reed diffuser in a place that you’ll enjoy it too!

Check out the full range of reed diffusers in the Olivia's Haven collection here. For more information on diffusers and how to maximise their scent, you can check out our Diffuser blog here.

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  • Baxer

    If you’ve just purchased or received an Olivia’s Haven reed diffuser, placing it in the right spot can enhance your experience. Bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms are ideal locations. For a fresh bathroom scent, try Eighter Island; for bedroom relaxation, opt for Wild Heather. In the kitchen, floral scents like To April can mask harsh odors, while a citrusy Tea in the Orangery in the living room or hallway adds a refreshing touch. Enjoy up to 8 weeks of delightful fragrance! Also, Visit : https://sewar.ca/

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