To April - The Story Behind The Scent

 When I'm creating a new fragrance I always start with the stories and memories of the people and places I love. To April was the very first story and scent I created for Olivia’s Haven.

I wanted to create a scent to remember my wonderful granny, Avril Burns, and to celebrate my Grandfather’s love of poetry. My Grandfather, William Burns, was a lover of words and the English language. He published an entire book of poems called ‘Life’s Journey’, which is still treasured by our family today, and often a poem from his book is chosen for family Weddings. 

Pictured: My Granny (Avril Burns) and Grandfather (William Burns)

One of his poems April, was dedicated to my granny Avril, and it was this poem that inspired me to start linking stories and scents together. It’s the 1st of April today so I thought it would be great to include the poem in my journal for you all to enjoy. 

I think of roses when it’s June, 
And snow when it’s December;
But every day through all the year, 
Your name I will remember, 
Your love I will remember, 
Your eyes I will remember, 
Whether it is June, or whether it’s December. 
For all that’s lovely in the world, 
Is mirrored in your face. 
And all the goodness in your heart, 
Is in your charm and grace. 
Your face I will remember, 
Your grace I will remember, 
Your charm I will remember, 
Whether it is June, or whether it’s December. 
- By William (Bill) Burns  

 Pictured: Avril Burns on Eighter Island 

To April’s Scent Story 

On the side of every To April soy candle and reed diffuser you will find a little paragraph about the story, a snippet from the poem, and of course a little more information on the scent itself. I have  included it below for you. 

Avril Burns was my granny. She was born in April which resulted in her being appropriately named Avril, and she loved being outside in her beautiful garden. 

I created this scent in her memory and so I focused on springtime floral notes and April blossom with the stunning smell of Cherry Blossom taking the lead. 

A little bit more about the scent…

To April has been a firm favourite in the range from the beginning. It’s a beautifully elegant floral fragrance with the top notes of Cherry Blossoms combined with a heart of springtime florals and a base of musks and a hint of vanilla. 

It’s the perfect scent if you love sweeter aromas and it’s such a show stopper that I love to burn it in an entrance hall or living room space, particularly when I am having people over. 

I have included a link below for you to check out the To April product range. It is currently available for you to enjoy as a soy candle, wax melt or reed diffuser. It also comes in our wax melt melt gift box and you can select it to be included in our candle gift box. 

I hope you love this graceful sweet fragrance as much as me.

Pictured: To April Soy Candle, reed diffuser & wax melt.

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