The Secret Library

The Secret Library

I am so excited to introduce you to re-introduce you to our cosiest fragrance - THE SECRET LIBRARY ūüďö

This scent is my absolute favourite. Everything about it is just perfect from the fabulous packaging to the scent which is bursting with character. I am so thrilled to to share it with you all again! 

Pictured (left - right): The Secret Library Soy Candle, Wax melt, Reed Diffuser.

This complex scent is wonderfully deep and musky with top notes of honey and base notes of leather, amber and tobacco. If you are drawn to masculine scents then I know you will absolutely adore this new fragrance.

The honey notes within this scent also bring a little sweetness to the overall finish of the fragrance making it totally different and unique to anything else in the Olivia’s Haven range. I personally find it very comforting and oh so nostalgic.

As you probably know I simply adore scents. Not only do they have the power to completely transform a space but they have the added pleasure of transporting me back to fond memories which is why each of my fragrances have a personal meaning and a story behind them that you can find on every soy candle and diffuser box.

The Secret Library Scent Story

As a child I would get very excited when we had a family lunch at a local inn - not because of the delicious food and homely atmosphere - because of The Secret Library. 
The Secret Library was a mysterious room covered from floor to ceiling in old books. It wasn't a normal library, however, as one bookcase was actually a door which concealed a snug reading room. 
This was one of my favourite childhood spaces and so I created this scent to resemble the masculine aroma of a library filled with old books using a cosy combination of honey, amber & tobacco leaf.

Who is The Secret Library perfect for?

If you love the scents/notes I have mentioned above then I definitely think you should try The Secret Library. Also, if you experienced and loved Midnight Carols from our Christmas range I think this scent will be for you.

I think this fragrance is a particularly fantastic gift for all the book lovers, story tellers and academics in your life and it’s also perfect for those who simply love to decorate their shelves at home with beautiful books.

With every scent I create I love to make the packaging look and feel as amazing as the product smells, making it difficult for you to throw it away.  If you do decide to hang on to your packaging I have found that it looks great on a book shelf at home and has the added bonus of adding some gorgeous colour and it is definitely a talking point when people come over.

When & where can I buy The Secret Library? 

The Secret Library will be available exclusively on the Olivia’s Haven website from Tuesday 23rd January at 7pm online and in our Coleraine store from Wednesday 24th January. The fragrance will come in our soy candle, soy wax melts, reed diffuser, bundles and room spray. 

I hope you will love it as much as me - Olivia  xx


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