Reed diffusers & tips to maximise their scent

Reed diffusers & tips to maximise their scent
Pictured: Tea in the Orangery Reed Diffuser.

Diffusers are a flameless, low-maintenance and attractive way to scent your home, particularly in Spring and Summer.

Did you know that the location of your diffuser will make a real difference to how the scent flows through your home?

Here are our top tips for selecting that perfect spot:

1. Consider the size of the room you want to fill with scent. If you have a particularly large room with high ceilings we would recommend filling the space with more than one diffuser (of the same fragrance) and using all the reeds provided to maximise the scent. For smaller rooms consider using a reed or two less.

2. Always go for a high traffic area. The motion in the room and the movement of air helps to circulate the scent and throw the fragrance.

3. Don’t place your diffuser beside an open window. When air is flowing in and out, your fragrance oil will deplete quicker and lessen the strength of the scent.

4. Avoid radiators or particularly warm areas in direct sunlight, heat will make your fragrance oil evaporate much faster.

5. Keep your reed diffusers at nose height (or slightly below). This one may seem obvious, but it’s important for catching those lovely aromas as they are being released from the reeds. Think about how you use each of your rooms - e.g sitting, sleeping - and place your diffuser accordingly. 

Pictured: To April Reed Diffuser

There's a scent for every room and individual tastes in the Olivia's Haven collection and finding that perfect spot to enjoy it is the cherry on top.

Upgrade your entrance hall or landing with the floral To April, wake up energised in the morning with mood-enhancing Tea in the Orangery's cheerful, zesy aroma, or keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean with Eighter Island's notes of Atlantic sea air and driftwood.    

 Pictured: Eighter Island Reed Diffuser. 

Olivia's Haven reed diffusers are all hand-poured at our studio on the North Coast of Northern Ireland using premium fragrance oils, expertly blended to our unique and uplifting scents.

They are the perfect spring addition to style and scent any space in your home. Shop our reed diffuser collection here.


  • Rhean

    I absolutely adore using reed diffusers to infuse my home with delightful scents. One key tip I’ve learned is to strategically place them in high traffic areas to ensure the fragrance circulates well. It’s also essential to avoid placing them near open windows or radiators to prevent quick evaporation. And of course, positioning them at nose level ensures you catch every aromatic note. With Olivia’s Haven collection, there’s a perfect scent for every room, making each space feel inviting and refreshing.

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  • Gina

    Super helpful. Thank you x

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