Our Story

Founder Olivia Burns was born and raised in Coleraine, Northern Ireland. Her childhood was an extremely happy one and all of her memories serve as personal inspiration for her scents, stories and brand aesthetic.

Olivia worked in Branding for both big global companies and smaller start-ups for almost 10 years, helping them with their marketing strategies, campaigns and branding - yet she still had a desire to create her own brand from start to finish.

Olivia has always been a self-confessed candle lover, but in January 2019 her fascination with the link between scent and how it helped her to recall her own memories grew. She started experimenting with wax and fragrance oils as she strove to create the ultimate range of scented candles inspired by her own scent memories.

But Olivia wasn’t satisfied with just having a great range of products. She was determined to make them look just as amazing as they smell and so she spent almost a year working alongside an illustrator to create fun and vibrant packaging which told a story.

Olivia took a leap of faith and launched Olivia’s Haven just as the Covid-19 pandemic took hold and the world locked down. She worked through the pandemic from her home studio to build the business one candle at a time!

Through strong word of mouth and local support, Olivia’s Haven has captured the hearts (and noses!) of so many people, amassing an online following of more than 20,000 within 18 months of launching. Alongside this, the luxury brand has also made an impression on some of the largest media outlets, including Forbes, Stylist, Good Housekeeping, The Irish Times and more.

Since then, Olivia’s Haven has expanded rapidly and is now based at a much larger 5,000 sq ft workshop on the North Coast with a wonderful team of eight staff members (and growing) working across product development and design, production and fulfilment, alongside marketing and business development departments.

This has allowed Olivia’s Haven to scale production considerably and despite the rapid growth, all Olivia’s Haven products are still carefully hand poured, packaged and sent out with love to a loyal tribe of customers.

Initially, the range included a bespoke collection of six signature soy candles but since this has expanded to include reed diffusers, wax melts and more. Now with more than thirteen exclusive fragrances, Olivia’s Haven can be found in homes around the world. 

“There is nothing quite like seeing you all create new memories with these special scents. They once were my memories, but now they can become yours! Thanks for being part of the journey.”

Olivia Burns - Founder

Meticulously Crafted

All Olivia’s Haven products are vegan, cruelty-free and made using 100% soy wax. The premium fragrances mean that your home will be filled with the rich aromas of Olivia’s Haven while you enjoy a long clean burn time.

Beautifully contained in stylish white matt vessels, our glass is designed to be reusable (from a hairband to a make-up brush holder) which means you can still enjoy Olivia’s Haven long after your candle or diffuser is finished. 

Our eco-friendly packaging

All Olivia’s Haven packaging is 100% recyclable and FSC certified - right down to the biodegradable and compostable packing peanuts in your online order! You can pop them in water and they will dissolve, meaning no waste. We also use 100% recycled shipping materials with paper packing tape to ensure your order is as eco-friendly as possible.