Top 5 Scents for the New Year 2022

Top 5 Scents for the New Year 2022

A New Year calls for some new scents. Refresh your home fragrance collection in 2022 and treat yourself to luxurious handcrafted products from Olivia's Haven.

Don't forget that you can enjoy each of our fragrances as wax melts, soy candles and reed diffusers

Here's some of our favourites...

Tea in the Orangery

Fill your home with the welcoming zesty smell of orange blossom.

Olivia created this soy candle to capture the citrus aroma of oranges mixed with the spices of tea as a celebration of her granny's orangery and the room's cheerful ambience. 

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Eighter Island

If you love a fresh smelling scent then Eighter Island is the one for you! 

Olivia created this fragrance with its fresh notes of sea air mixed with driftwood undertones to take her straight back to relaxing times spent with loved ones on a summer's day in Donegal, Ireland.

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To April

The perfect sweet & floral scent to enjoy this spring. 

Olivia created this soy candle in memory of her granny Avril Burns with its springtime floral notes and the stunning smell of the Cherry Blossom tree taking the lead with base notes of spring florals

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Blackberry Picking

To uplift, to wind down, or simply to add an air of luxury, Blackberry picking is the fragrance you need.

Olivia created this candle with its top notes of ripe blackberries and base notes of sandalwood to celebrate happy family days out at the end of summer.

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Wild Heather

Wild Heather is like walking into a relaxing spa retreat.

Olivia created this refreshingly delicate floral scent with top notes of Heather  to celebrate her mum's ability to brighten every room she enters. 

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