NEWS | Brown Thomas & Arnotts Launch

NEWS | Brown Thomas & Arnotts Launch

We are delighted to announce that Olivia’s Haven has now launched in Arnotts and Brown Thomas!

We got to see the range in-store yesterday for the very first time, and how good does it look? Our brand is now stocked in two of Ireland’s most prestigious department stores Arnotts and Brown Thomas!

Thank you all for your continued support for Olivia’s Haven, and a special thanks to Maeve from Brown Thomas Arnotts for making this happen! 

We’ve so much more to share over the coming weeks, but for now, we will just let this sink in…What a start to 2023 for The OH team 💫

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Olivia x


  • Jackie Carton

    Very well deserved
    Congratulations x

  • Janet McMaster

    Congratulations, Olivia,Aaron and all your team,onwards and upwards, with your fabulous products🙌

  • Sharon

    Congratulations! This is exciting news. Here’s to continued success🥂

  • Steve Hogue

    Hi Olivia,
    Do you have three wick candles? I find they work well for me.

  • Steve Hogue

    Fantastic News 👍🏼🥳. Had to be only a matter of time!!
    All the BEST

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