Greek Odyssey: A Fragrant Ode to the Greek Isles

Greek Odyssey: A Fragrant Ode to the Greek Isles
Indulge your senses in the allure of the Mediterranean with the latest fragrance sensation from Olivia's Haven - Greek Odyssey.

This aromatic delight uses a fresh blend of sage, bergamot, and patchouli notes to transport you to the enchanting Greek islands, where crystal-clear waters, gentle winds, and lush landscapes create an unforgettable backdrop for romance and adventure.

If you are familiar with our collection, you’ll know that all of our scents begin with a story and have a personal meaning behind them, and Greek Odyssey is no different. Here's the story behind the scent which celebrates Olivia’s memories from her Greek Island honeymoon.


Greek Odyssey Scent Story

The Greek island of Lefkada is an idyllic paradise. With clear blue waters, ideal winds and lush mountain landscape, it’s perfect for windsurfing and exploring the other Ionian islands under sail.

We spent our honeymoon on these laid-back islands, falling in love with their seaside villages and vast white sandy beaches.

I created this scent using sage, bergamot and patchouli notes to capture the aromatic fragrance of the Greek island and reminisce about the perfect romantic getaway.

What OH products will Greek Odyssey be available in?

We are delighted that Greek Odyssey will be available in our soy candle, reed diffuser, room spray and wax melt. You can even enjoy the scent in multiple products for less in our beautiful Greek Odyssey scent set.

We invite you to enjoy our latest aroma and experience the allure of Lefkada's landscapes and the serenity of its seaside villages. Let Greek Odyssey be your passport to an olfactory voyage of love, nostalgia, and pure bliss.

A little more on the scent…

As sage, bergamot and pachouli are the key scent notes that make up this captivating fragrance, we thought we should explore each of them, allowing you to discover more about the attention to detail that goes into developing our unique and exciting aromas. 

1. Sage

The Greek Odyssey fragrance begins with the invigorating top note of sage. As the sun bathes the island's herb gardens, the essence of sage infuses the air with its crisp and refreshing aroma. This note captures the very essence of the landscape, reminiscent of the aromatic breezes that sweep through the lush foliage. Beyond its alluring scent, sage also carries cleansing and purifying properties, creating a harmonious balance that invigorates the senses.

2. Bergamot

At the heart of Greek Odyssey lies the bright and uplifting note of bergamot. Just like the sun-kissed orchards that dot the Greek countryside, bergamot brings a burst of citrusy freshness that ignites joy and vitality. The aroma is reminiscent of leisurely afternoons spent amidst blooming citrus groves, infusing the fragrance with an aura of warmth and positivity. Bergamot's mood-enhancing properties mirror the island's sunny disposition, making each whiff of Greek Odyssey a dose of happiness.

3. Patchouli

The base note of patchouli anchors the fragrance with its earthy, woody undertones. This grounding note resonates with the warm sand beneath your feet as you stroll along the island's white sandy beaches. Patchouli's depth adds longevity to the scent, ensuring that the memories encapsulated within Greek Odyssey linger in the air around you. The intoxicating warmth of patchouli evokes the rustic charm of Greek villages, creating a multisensory experience.

While sage, bergamot and patchouli are the heroes of our new fragrance we have also used lemon, mint, geranium, rosewood and amber which you might recognise as you relax and enjoy the scent at home.  

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