Best Olivia’s Haven Scents for Men

Best Olivia’s Haven Scents for Men


Anyone can purchase whatever scent they love, but often some scents are associated with being masculine or feminine. Most “masculine” scents are often darker and stronger, opposed to “feminine” scents that are usually more floral. It can be a real challenge to gift the men in your life at Christmas, so here are our top five scents for men:

Midnight Carols

If they are just as obsessed with Christmas as we are, Midnight Carols is the perfect masculine scent that gives festive vibes while still being a mature, masculine scent. It’s top notes of frankincense and myrrh are perfect for ringing in Christmas, without the traditional spices that Christmas fragrances are known for. This makes Midnight Carols the perfect masculine Christmas alternative.

Downhill Forest

As we noted, masculine scents are generally more woody by nature. Downhill Forest encapsulates all of this and more with its notes of wood, fern and moss to evoke memories of Olivia’s favourite childhood walk on the North Coast. Perfect to light and enjoy on the chilly winter evenings. 

Secret Library

When The Secret Library launched, so many of you reached out to tell us that not only you, but your very hard-to-please other halves loved it too! I wish I could say I was surprised, but this scent is a stunning blend of honey, amber, tobacco and leather. It resonates with so many people as it really envelops the feeling of entering an old library filled with leather bound books. An all-round favourite, if you aren’t sure what to choose this is a safe bet! 

Irish Fireside

Think sitting round an open fire on a late night in the Irish summertime! This strong, authentic scent is our most masculine scent that takes notes of smoky wood and turf to replicate the aroma of an open fire. Perfect for those who love musky aromas.

Potting Shed

Inspired by Olivia’s father’s passion for plants, nature and watching things grow. Potting Shed is a fresh and earthy scent with top notes of tomato leaf and garden herbs. Perfect for any time of year, Potting Shed is a great one for all the gardeners out there. 

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