Are Olivia's Haven Candles Pet Friendly?

Are Olivia's Haven Candles Pet Friendly?

We're all animal lovers here at Olivia's Haven, so it's no surprise when we get asked if our products are pet friendly - we want to keep all our four-legged friends safe too! But don’t worry, we are happy to confirm that Olivia’s Haven candles don’t pose a health risk to our furry friends. 

Animals have an incredible sense of smell, so they are as drawn to the fragrant scent of the candles throughout your home as much as we are.

We recommend that you keep candles, especially lit ones, out of the reach of pets and small children. However, they do have many advantages as candles help eliminate foul pet odours and have many other benefits.

But if you’re concerned about an open flame around your furry friend, there are plenty of other options to keep your space smelling incredible.

At Olivia’s Haven, we make safe candles with 100% natural soy wax for a smooth, long-lasting burn that is safe for humans and pets alike. 

Risks of Candles and Air Fresheners

While the scents and ingredients we use at Olivia’s Haven for our candles, reed diffusers and wax melts are not harmful to pets, some other fragrance brands and solutions may contain irritating or harmful ingredients.  For example, plug-ins and aerosol-based products. These could include synthetic fragrances that could potentially aggravate existing respiratory illnesses like asthma, or they can include harmful toxins, such as naphthalene or phthalates.

The other risk you should be aware of is the use of essential oils in home fragrance products. As these can cause some sensitivities to humans and pets. Some of these oils can affect your pet’s health, including eucalyptus, tea tree oil, wintergreen, pine, peppermint and clove. These can cause allergies or serious illnesses, so it’s best to proceed with caution.

The Best Option For Your Home

If you are nervous about an open flame with pets or small children running around, we always recommend our collection of reed diffusers, which are available in a myriad of beautiful fragrances.

Reed diffusers are a liquid solution to an air freshener, that uses reeds to absorb the scent from the diffuser oil and release its stunning scent into your space. As long as your diffuser is still kept out of reach of small children and pets, they are a great option for you and your home.

If you have a question about our products and the ingredients we use, don’t hesitate to ask us! You can DM us on Instagram or send us an email

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