10 Reasons To Love Olivia's Haven

10 Reasons To Love Olivia's Haven


Valentine’s Day is almost here and we have been feeling all romantic at Olivia’s Haven HQ this week. We took some time to have a think about all the things we love the most about Olivia’s Haven and thought you might like to see them too. 

Here’s our top 10:

1. Each of our scents are inspired by the people & places our founder Olivia loves.

Olivia’s starting place for creating any new scent is the story. Every scent has to have a very special reason for making it into the collection which is what makes the range so unique and special. 

Every candle and diffuser box will have the scents story on the box so look out for it when your scent arrives. 

Olivia also works closely with her illustrator Jessica Smith to further bring each of the stories to life with playful and colourful designs on the labels & boxes. 


2. All of our products are hand made / hand poured.

We absolutely love the process of producing each of our home fragrance products by hand. 

There is something really magical about turning raw materials into a final finished luxury product. 

We love every single product we make and dedicate so much time and attention to the making of every single one. 


3. We make our candles & wax melts using clean burning soy wax.

It was so important to us to pick a wax that didn’t have any nasty toxins in it.

We chose soy wax as it is a far healthier wax to burn in your space and does not release any of the pollutants found in paraffin candles. 

The soy wax also means that you get a lovely slow burn from your Olivia’s Haven candles and any residual wax is bio-degradable. 


4. Our products are all vegan friendly & paraben free. 

When creating our products we make sure that all our products (including our fragrance oils) are vegan friendly & paraben free. We also love fragrance oils as they create a more intense aroma (also known as scent throw) in your home. 


5. We use UK & Ireland suppliers.

There are so many great suppliers on our doorstep and we love to use them. We particularly love working with Northern Irish suppliers as it makes it easier to have a quick meeting about something and getting everything as close to perfect as we possibly can. 


6. We are obsessed with quality & have very high standards.

We take time picking our materials, making our products and putting them through a rigorous testing and quality control process. 

We love knowing that you are using the very best products in your home. 


7. We can personalise your orders. 

Did you know we can add a personal hand written note to any of your orders? You can do this when you are placing your order online and it makes it really easy to send a luxurious home fragrance gift to someone special. 


8. Our orders are always processed really efficiently. 

We know you love to get your order nice and quickly and so we work hard to process orders efficiently and always aim to get them in the post the next working day.

This means that you will never have too long to wait until you can be enjoying Olivia’s Haven aromas from the comfort of you home. 

 9. All of our packaging is recyclable or reusable.  

From our shipping cardboard to our beautifully designed boxes everything is completely recycle. You can even pop the packing peanuts in water and watch them dissolve rather than clogging up your bin. 

Our wax melt packaging is made from recycled polypropylene which is the most environmentally friendly type of plastic there is which means it gets properly recycled again. 

Our candle glass can also be reused (more tips here on how to do this) & we are currently working on diffuser refills so hold on to your diffuser glass if you already have one at home. 


10. We love and appreciate each of our customers. 

We always want you to have a 10/10 experience when you shop with Olivia’s Haven and we will always go above & beyond to make sure you to have the best experience every time you shop with us. We are so proud to be rated excellent on Trustpilot and really appreciate every single review.


Please feel free to tell us your favourite things about Olivia's Haven in the comments below :)


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  • Christine Weir

    Love the scents love walking into a room and smelling the reed diffusers and the candles love to see a package arriving on my doorstep from Olivias haven love the postcard you get with your gift and the handwritten note love the special offers love the stories how our senses play such an important part of our memories Olivia’s haven = my haven thank you 🎈💗

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