Wax Melts And How To Use Them

Wax Melts And How To Use Them

Whilst we are all very familiar with scented candles by now, not everyone has heard of wax melts. Wax melts are a wonderful way to make your home smell beautiful, and their popularity has soared in recent years. 

If you are a wax melt novice and want to understand what all the fuss is about, then you have come to the right place. In this blog post we will explore everything you need to know about wax melts, why they are so popular right now, and how to use them.



Wax melts are highly scented, wick-less pieces of wax that are melted using a wax burner. They are basically candles without a wick, originating from chandlers who were looking for a creative way to use their leftover wax after a candle pour. The demand for these grew so much that wax melts have become a hugely popular product in their own right. 

At Olivia’s Haven the scented soy wax used in our wax melts is exactly the same as the wax that goes into our luxury candles. 



We believe wax melts have become so popular for a few different reasons.

  • They allow you to get the strongest possible aroma from your favourite scent. They are particularly great if you want to fill a larger space as they have a more intense aroma. 
  • Wax melts will typically be less expensive than candles, so they are great way to try a new scent before committing to a candle or reed diffuser. 
  • You have the option of melting your wax melts in an electric wax burner. This is a popular choice for those with younger children or pets (but if you enjoy the atmospheric flicker of a flame we have found that the traditional tea light burners definitely give off the best aroma). 


It is really easy to start enjoying wax melts at home, all you need is: 

  • A wax burner (electric or traditional tea light burner)
  • Unscented tea lights if you are using a traditional burner (really important you go for unscented to avoid a strange blend of scents) 
  • Your favourite Olivia’s Haven wax melts.

TOP TIP: try to use the standard sized unscented tea lights with a traditional wax burner. We have found that the larger sized tea lights burn the scent out of the wax melts much quicker, and you want a nice slow burn. Try to source soy wax tea lights (rather than paraffin wax which is toxic). Etsy is a great place to start your search. 



If using a traditional tea light burner, you will typically place one cube of your wax melt into the dish at the top of the burner. Then light a small unscented tea light in the space underneath, and the heat from the candle gently warms the scented wax.

An electric wax melt burner works in a similar way to a tea light burner but uses the heat from the small bulb to melt the wax. 

When you are finished burning, simply turn off or blow out the tea light and allow the wax to harden for use next time. Once the wax starts to lose its scent you can remove it and replace with a fresh wax melt cube. 


If you are looking for a luxury wax melt set to get you started (or as a gift) try out the Olivia’s Haven wax melt gift box. Alternatively, if you know what scent you fancy then our standard wax melts are a great option, available in each of our unique scents with a burn time of up to 24 hours per pack. 



  • Sassy Shop Wax Ltd

    Great piece of information, Thank you for sharing the updated one..

  • Fodhla McGrane

    I am a wax melt novice, but now on my second night of burning and after reading this blog, I am feeling like a pro! Thanks for explaining the difference between the traditional oil burners and the newer electric ones. I am off to source some soy tea lights now (thanks for a link.) I am looking forward to a long relationship with your wax melts, starting with Midnight Carols, a gift from a fellow OH customer!
    Thanks Olivia and the OH team ;)

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